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Does this sound familiar...you've so many great ideas for taking your fitness business online but feel a bit stuck when it comes to making it happen? You want to earn an additional income online, and the thought of being able to help loads of people sounds exciting.

Maybe you want to advertise online, create an online brand, succeed at social media, create your own digital products or services, earn a passive income...BUT, whichever it may be, you're not a 'techie' and you feel overwhelmed.

Hi, I’m Amy, and I created Digital Fitness Pro to help fitness professionals grow their businesses online. My mission is to cut through all the hype out there and provide practical and highly relevant support, tips and advice in order to help your business succeed online.  

Welcome! Let's get started...


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  • Passion Fulfilment - turning your passion for health and fitness into a powerful business tool. A passion-led business = happiness = success
  • Freedom & Flexibility - more time in your life. Have a successful business, see more of your friends & family and enjoy your own interests
  • Growth & Knowledge - where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years...? To fulfil your ambitions you need to grow, evolve and learn
  • Scalability of Business - trading time for money to earn a living reaches a cap. Additional income streams are the answer to a truly scalable business
  • Global Reach - with 2 billion people to connect with 24/7, not taking your business online is a huge missed opportunity
  • Passive Income Streams - put the hard work in initially and then reap the benefits thereafter. Passive income can be truly awesome if done correctly!

I’m really grateful for the support I’ve received from Amy. She’s extremely easy to work with and her in depth-knowledge of business and digital is apparent as soon as you speak with her. She took the time to understand our business and since working with her we’ve expanded from 1 park to 3 with our bootcamp business, we've greatly improved our website, and are now advertising on Facebook!

Anthony Wilde
Owner, ProActive Fitness

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